Advance Your Career With Personal Skilled Trades Training

Whether you’re new on the job or a more seasoned pro, Interplay’s affordable skilled trades training can help you be the kind of tech you want to be – a great one.


Learn Quickly – Anywhere, Anytime

Get the individual skilled trades training you need to reach that next level. Faster than traditional learning. More diverse than on-the-job instruction. Train whenever, wherever you are, on your timetable, using a computer, mobile phone, tablet or a VR headset. Practice as many times as you want, all through Interplay’s SkillMill training platform.

We have hours of on-demand expert-led training and scenario-based 3D and virtual reality (VR) simulations in HVAC, plumbing, solar, electrical, and more. With Interplay, it’s fast, easy, and affordable to hone your skills and be ready for whatever the real world throws at you.