Meet SkillMill

Better careers, better lives for the skilled trades

Your Fastest Way to a Skilled Workforce

Get the immersive training your team needs all in one easy-to-use learning platform.

What is SkillMill?

Simply put, it’s the fastest way to a skilled workforce.

SkillMill is the world’s leading on-demand skilled trades platform, delivering a growing catalog of courses, 3D simulations and a comprehensive suite of measurement and engagement tools designed for skilled trades businesses.

SkillMill makes training efficient, relevant, and scalable while saving you time and effort. With 300+ hours of content and hands-on 3D simulations, it’s like having another expert on your team.

What are the main benefits of SkillMill?

Reduces training costs and ramp-up times.

Enables you to rapidly advance the abilities of your entire team — no matter their starting level.

Scales easily so you can provide effective upskilling to as many people as possible.

Delivers expert-led content on HVAC, Solar, Plumbing, Electrical, Multi-Family and Facilities Maintenance.

Helps increase in-the-field performance and customer satisfaction with unlimited practice in a no-fail environment.

Gives you the tools to assess your teams’ skills and abilities.

Provides analytics and insights into team members’ usage and progress.

Frees up your time to focus on employee development so you can retain a top crew of technicians.

Key components of SkillMill

We’ve consulted with trusted subject matter experts and instructional design professionals to develop an effective training platform that applies the science behind how people learn best.

The SkillMill training platform includes short video courses, 3D simulations and knowledge checks — all to help your workforce advance their abilities faster and more efficiently than with traditional training methods.

Video Courses

SkillMill video courses are designed to build foundational knowledge. Our instructional designers know that retention and engagement begin to drop off after a few minutes. For that reason, our video lessons rarely run more than 3-5 minutes long.

Walk-Through Video Guides

Subject matter experts share their knowledge with learners as they’re led step-by-step through a simulation procedure guide. Watching these videos helps people understand exactly what to do and what to expect, once they’re in a simulation.

3D Simulations

Our sim-based training is designed to model real-world field scenarios. Sims help learners practice and perform tasks and procedures so they’re better prepared for real life. We use a learning methodology that starts out slow and then builds up as learners begin to grasp more difficult concepts.

Knowledge Checks

Short quizzes follow each lesson. They help users focus, remember key pieces of information and zero in on just a few key takeaways from each module.

Supplemental Learning Materials

These visuals help users further understand complex information like wiring diagrams, equations, example system configs, charts and more.


The platform is compatible with most devices. Check the chart below to see what features are available according to each device.

Desktop Laptop Tablet Mobile
Knowledge Checks
3D Simulations
VR Simulations